Body Of Wax

 A small business located in an even smaller town in Southern Ontario, Canada.

‘The word encaustic which means, “burn in,” originates from a Greek word. Greek artists practiced encaustic painting as far back as the 5th century B. C. and today these paintings are as bright and glowing as the day they were painted.’

‘Encaustic is a painting method, also known as hot wax painting, that involves using melted beeswax. It is usually applied to a rigid, porous, surface such as wood, stone, plaster and so on, and can be reheated into a smooth or textured finish. ‘
Quotes – international encaustic artist . org

President and CEO Liana Russwurm, started the business to create lovely, bright and affordable art for people who appreciate one of a kind work paintings. Wax, a vibrant medium that allows the paintings to duplicate the same image yet each painting remains unique because when working with wax the medium dictates the outcome. Encaustic painting, organic in nature it cannot be completely controlled only manipulated.


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