Last Minute Prep before Body Of Wax Becomes Official.

Body Of Wax’s first outdoor sale will take place this Sunday ( June 9th 2012) in Sarnia, Ontario at the Sarnia Bay Marina Market, 97 Seaway Road. My small display booth will be ready, thanks to Nick Clymans Carpentry. If you are local and ever need anything built, renovated or fantastic dec….he’s your man for the job!!

The booth was designed by Lisa Ljevaja for The One Of A Kind Christmas Show in Toronto that I am hoping to participate in this year. It’s small enough to fit into my car for these smaller summer shows along with all the encaustic paintings. I should have about 40 paintings ready for Sunday and although the market is mostly food based I am hoping to get some exposure and contacts in Sarnia. I am also hoping to be able to get some cards printed last-minute!!! No one knows me in this part of Ontario so I plan to be out and about for as much and as many shows as I can be. Sales have never been my forte but with this business I hope to change that. The paintings are coming along and have far exceeded my expectations and I believe this is a good and solid way to make money and be able to spend the rest of my life doing what I am meant to do….paint.

With the booth we are making some changes. Partially for simplicity and partially because of time restraints and money. Either way it will be cute and I think the changes are not taking too much away from the original design. I am attaching the photo of the sketch and when I am set up at the show I’ll take pictures of the finished product to post as well.

The prep I won’t have finished, to start, is my sign for the booth. I’d like one in wax but it will take time to work out. Aside from banking set up and various other business necessities it’s all up to my creative hands…..keep coming back and see how we are doing….

sketches of booth design


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